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Hanso & Zede: The new committed brand of the SolifoodWaste project!

Supported by HTS within the framework of the SolifoodWaste project, a new Handi-solidarity and Zero Waste brand has just been created: Hanso & Zede! The objective is to transform unsold food into delicious recipes with the help of disabled workers.

But what exactly is this initiative?

All their secrets are hidden behind their 2 little characters.                                                     

Thus Hanso, the stick with glasses, comes from the contraction of "HANdi-SOlidaire".

This is the first commitment of this project. Hanso & Zede work with 4 ESATs (assisted employment centers) in the Pays de la Loire to make their products. Today, there are 30 disabled workers who work each week in their workshop to offer you delicious products. They work with passion and are proud of the products they offer! The goal is to maintain and create new local jobs for people with disabilities.


Visuel TH

The same goes for Zede, the small committed pear, which comes from the contraction "ZEro DEchet".

In addition to helping people with disabilities, the second facet of this brand is to fight against food waste. Unsold bread, out-of-caliber or slightly damaged fruits are taken out of the circuits while they are still delicious! To prevent them from ending up in the garbage can, they collect them from producers or retailers, and transform them into gourmet recipes to revalue them.

They save more than 100 baguettes every week! They are crushed to obtain a recycled bread flour which is then used to make delicious cookies. And more than 230 kg of fruits and vegetables are also saved every week. They are sorted, cut, peeled and cooked to obtain colorful and tasty recipes like jams, compotes or smoothies.

 Visuel cookies

With Hanso & Zede products, you can defend a solidarity and zero waste model while enjoying yourself!

To taste their gourmet recipes and discover more, click here:


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