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Official launch of the SoliFoodWaste project : inclusive and circular economy


16th and 17th october, it was the launch meeting of the SoliFoodWaste Life project.

The latter aims to develop a national food waste reduction chain by upgrading bread, fruits and vegetables, while creating jobs for people with major disabilities.

SoliFoodWaste is supported since september 2019 and has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union. This program is dedicated to supporting projects in favor environment and climate.

The members of the consortium were gathered in Saint Herblain in Loire Atlantique (France), in attendance of a Life representative in order to present the project in detail, discuss the actions to be taken, agree on their implementation and the deadlines to be respected.

Since septembre 2019, SoliFoodWaste has started its activities on the territory of Nantes (France). The long-term ambition by 2022 are to developp the project to the national and European scale.