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Solifoodwaste launches its European network!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 was the launch of the first European network of organizations committed to the fight against food waste and the (socio)professional integration of people with disabilities.

2 major European issues

In Europe, nearly 88 million tons of food end up in the garbage. This figure is absurd at a time when we are talking about responsible consumption and the resilience of the European food system. It is imperative that we change the way we consume and produce.

At the same time, 16% of the working population in Europe has a disability, and this part of the population still has too many difficulties integrating into the labor market; the average activity rate for people with a disability is only 48.7% compared to 72.5% for so-called able-bodied people.


Food wastage and (socio)professional integration of disabled people are two issues that at first sight have nothing to do with each other, and yet! 2 experts in these themes have brought us a contextualization of these crucial issues and illustrated many committed projects. Among them, the Solifoodwaste project presented by its president Damien Demoor which fights against food waste while creating jobs for disabled people.

If you want to see or rewatch these exchanges, go to the video below

 Lancement réseau européen SFW